The Institute for the protection of Grappa of Trentino would like to thank all the sponsors, precious partners playing an important role in the success of our activities. Shared ethic principles helped a mutual understanding and led to a fruitful cooperation with total respect for our territory and our traditions.

Tapì is glad to start cooperating with the Institute for the protection of Grappa of Trentino and its partners to reach a shared goal: preserve and foster Grappa qualities, also thanks to a proper packaging. Tapì is an international Group specialized in the design, production and distribution of technological closures.

Paolo Boratto - Tapì Spa

I decided to support the activities of my friends from the Institute for the protection of Grappa of Trentino since we are already having a fruitful business cooperation related to Grappa packaging for several years; and besides, I consider the Institute totally on the same page with our Company values of mutual respect, professionalism and preservation of the territory.

Fabio Gatti - I.C.S. Bertagnin S.r.l.

As a leading Company for Glass Packaging, Saida Group joined with great interest the efforts of the Institute aimed to value and promote the qualities of the Grappa of Trentino. According to this, Saida Group want to contribute to the cause by sharing its know-how with the Institute, both for technical and design topics.

Aldo Franco - Gruppo Saida

Gruppo Saida

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