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The Grappa is considered a unique product in the world, so much that its denomination is exclusively reserved to the Italian distillate.

Institute for the Protection of Grappa of Trentino

The Institute for the protection of Grappa of Trentino, from over 50 years, is responsible for the valorization, the protection and the promotion of the Grappa’s quality production, exclusively obtained from the grape marc produced and distilled in the Trentino region. The Institute qualifies the products with the specific trident trademark as a guarantee certificate of quality for the Grappa of Trentino.


It identifies and protects the production obtained from the specific grape marc from the region of Trentino


It certificates the uniqueness and the typical characteristics of the Trentino’s distillate


It guarantees the final product quality

The trident trademark, easily identifiable on the bottle, certifies the quality and the origin of the Grappa specifically produced in the Trentino Italian region. The certificate requires the approval of many different production checks, determined and supervised by the Institution for the protection of the Grappa of Trentino. The trademark certifies that the Grappa is surely produced from the grape marc of Trentino and that it has been checked under a chemic and organoleptic point of view. The Grappa is therefor a safe product from an analytic aspect and in line with the levels of quality previewed by the production specification.

25Associates in the Trentino territory
2060000Liters of Grappa produced
150000Quintals of grape marc worked
181Types of Grappa provided

The associates

Today the Institute for the protection of the Grappa of Trentino counts a total of 25 distilleries members, following the quality controls, and they represent almost the whole of distilleries on the territory.


Every valley has its own Grappa


The entire region of Trentino is, from ever, a territory suited to the wine-growing and the production of wine. It’s therefor from this lucky characteristic that is born the tradition of lambicar (distillate, in the dialect of the Trentino). Every territory in the province of Trento has its own specific microclimate which is the ideal natural habitat for different vine types. As the wine, the Grappa of Trentino as well has its own specific characteristics based on the different territories and the valley of provenience.

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