To discover the Trentino’s area means to listen to the silence of its places, to contemplate the beauty of the territory, to lose yourself in the spirit of the nature and enjoy the food and wine tourism.

The nature

Man presence is nearly spotted in Trentino’s genuine landscapes and peaceful fauna thanks to the great respect that the people from this region always paid to their territory. This virtuous relationship between progress and nature developed over the years led Trentino Alto Adige’s lands to be well-known their authenticity and tradition.

The nature

Trentino has always been a diverse and complex region and it’s easy to fall in love with its multifaceted land. The environment is its biggest richness and it has always been protected in order to give everyone the chance of experiencing it .

Enchanted valleys and natural wonders that will leave you breathless, the Trentino territory offers attractions for all seasons: from the Violins’ Forest, in the Val di Fiemme, which keeps the secrets of the big master violin makers, to the Vallesinella, a spectacular valley, very interesting on the naturalistic point of view and close to the beautiful Madonna di Campiglio. These are just two of the many points of interest. This region has lot of unexpected sides to discover and rediscover.



Thanks to the diversity of the area, every territory of this region has its own characteristics and products. Talking about typical characteristics, apples are one of the first example coming to our minds. This fruit grows in many cultivations, but the most known place is still the Val di Non, and it’s always here that we can find an other famous product: the Trentingrana, a kind of cheese really close to the Grana Padano family. Other cheeses from Trentino are Asiago, Vezzena, Fontal, Puzzone from Moena, Spressa from Val Rendena, ricotta and mascarpone. You can visit many alpine cottages, where those who have chosen this simple and natural lifestyle will make you discover the area. But there aren’t just apples and cheeses. In Trentino you can find other local products, such as chestnut and rhododendron honey, oil from olive trees on the Lake Garda shores, speck, salted meat, flavored lard, luganega seasoned, Mortandela from Val di Non and, last but not least, wine, grappa and fruit’s distillates.



Charming and full of history, the Trentino region has always been a transit route and a thoroughfare for trade and cultures. Despite the strong influences from abroad, this territory has maintained its identity and traditions throughout the centuries. In this area you can find frescoed churches, sacred places and hermitages: a holy fil rouge, full of places of worship that deserve to be visited once in a life. If you’re looking for culture and art and you haven’t had enough, the region has hosted artists such as Giovanni Segantini and Fortunato Depero, and it has many important museums where you can discover customs and traditions, ethnography, geology and much more.